The "Glazed Donut Glow" + Why You Want It!

The "Glazed Donut Glow" + Why You Want It!

First coined by Hailey Bieber, the "Glazed Donut Glow" has quickly become the hottest trend to hit beauty in 2022.  You might be wondering what exactly is the Glazed Donut Glow or probably more so, why do you want it?  Here is the quick and easy read on all of that and some tips on how to get it! Let’s go.


Simply put, the Glazed Donut Glow is the effect you get from properly layering your skincare and using products to enhance clarity and radiance. Applied at night, the goal is to wake with skin that is glowing and dewy without feeling greasy.



Who doesn’t want gorgeous, glowing skin?  If you said no one, you would be right. There are some key benefits to your skin that you achieve when using this technique that go beyond simply layering products. Using the right products and layering them correctly can help protect the delicate balance of your skin's surface layer and protect your skin from environmental stressors that can have an aging effect on skin. So just, how do you do this and get the result?  Keep reading.



First, to properly get the Glazed Donut Glow, it means establishing a solid cleansing routine.  In a study done by CeraVe they estimated that nearly 80% of people wash their face incorrectly.  Yikes!  Effectively removing your makeup, SPF, and gently cleansing away dirt and pollution from your skin is one of the most vital steps to a clear and glowing complexion.  Getting a balanced clean is easy with a good double cleanse routine. The best news, you can get the right kind of clean in less than two minutes using this method and it is one of the best things you can do for your skin nightly.

Second, when you properly layer skincare you allow targeted ingredients, also referred to as actives, to work at the right layer of the skin.  The easiest way to think about properly layering your skincare is to apply products from lightest to heaviest. This allows lighter products to penetrate the skin without being blocked from absorption from heavier formulas.  Learn the proper way to layer your products- HERE.

Third, stay consistent with your routine.  Getting results from your skincare routine takes time and consistency.  While you might start to feel changes in the short-term, visible changes take time.  Constantly changing up your routine or products, can stress skin wreak havoc on your results.

Lastly, use gentle products that have been formulated with safe ingredients and made to promote healthy skin function.  Need a place to start?  Click HERE, to go find products designed just for you and your skin type, so that you can get all the benefits of the Glazed Donut Look!

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