How to Layer Your Skincare

How to Layer Your Skincare

When it comes to getting the most from your skincare products, the question of what to apply and when to apply it- leads the top of list. A quick Google search will reveal over 63 million returns on the query “How to layer skincare”. No wonder we are confused. 

Your skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated and this quick and easy guide can help you get the most from your products and routine.

🌟GUIDELINE #1- In General, Go Lighter to Heavier

Skin is designed to absorb products and a general rule of thumb is apply products that are the lightest first and layer in heavier products. For example, you want to apply a lightweight antioxidant serum before you apply a heavier moisturizer.

🌟GUIDELINE #2- Allow Products to Absorb

When applying products, it can be tempting to rush the process.  Especially at night when you are tired or when the morning rush hits.  Products work best when we give them time to fully absorb to the appropriate layers of the skin before applying the next product.  If you are pressed for time, opt for multi-tasking products designed to work together.



#1 CLEANSE with a gentle balancing wash.

#2 TONE using an adaptogen formula designed to balance pH and reduce surface stress.

#3 EYE SERUM designed to diminish puffiness and works well under makeup.

#4 SERUM with an antioxidant serum designed to protect skin from daily pollution and stress.


#6 SPF

If you need a faster morning routine, look for products that allow you to combine steps without skipping out on the results.  For example, the VERIBELLA PROTECT |DAILY DROPS were designed to act as your serum, moisturizer, and SPF in one skin-loving formula. Products that multi-task give you back your time and maximize your beauty budget.



#1 REMOVE MAKEUP with an oil-based cleansing wash designed for all skin types (yes, even oily).

#2 CLEANSE with a gentle balancing wash that removes dirt, sweat, and pollution.

#3 TONE using an adaptogen toner designed to balance skin and prepare skin for treatment.

#4 EYE CREAM designed to hydrate and restore delicate skin around the eye area.

#5 SERUM with targeted ingredients to address your skin concerns and combat skin stressors

#6 MOISTURIZE with a hydrating formula that increases cellular turnover and builds collagen.



#1 EXFOLIATE at least two times per week with a dual action Microderm treatment to reveal healthier skin and maximize the effectiveness of your serums and other treatments.

#2 MASK once per week. Depending on your skin type or skin concerns. 


Whether you are a skinimalist or skincare product enthusiast, your skincare routine does not need to be complicated to get great results.  Following a simple daily routine and staying consistent with safe, performance driven formulas is a sure-fire way to get glowing, healthy skin!

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