What Can You Pair With Bakuchiol?

What Can You Pair With Bakuchiol?


Written by VERIBELLA

June 2023

Are you wondering what is the best retinol alternative on the market is? If you are looking for a gentler version of retinol without the irritation, dryness, and flakiness; you might just find what you are seeking in products that contain bakuchiol. Bakuchiol is a plant-based alternative to retinol that has been gaining traction in the skincare industry. Before you add any new ingredient or product to your skincare routine, it's a good idea to better understand how to maximize the benefits of the product and what you can and cannot, safely pair with the ingredient to get the best skincare results. 

In this blog post, we will explore what ingredients work best with bakuchiol and how to get the most out of this super-star ingredient. So, if you're looking for the best retinol alternative and want to know what you can pair with the buzzy, bakuchiol, keep reading! We cover:

  • How antioxidants pair with bakuchiol
  • The importance of fatty acids with bakuchiol
  • What does bakuchiol do for skin hydration?
  • What not to pair with bakuchiol



Antioxidants are the ultimate "it ingredients" when it comes to the benefits in your skincare.  Antioxidants help protect the skin from damaging free radicals that cause inflammation and lead to the premature signs of aging.  Key antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E boost the performance of bakuchiol and help maximize visible results.

Get the best results from bakuchiol when you pair it with a gentle Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a science-backed, dermatologist favorite when it comes to topically applied antioxidants. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the skin from environmental damage and pollution.  When used topically, it can stimulate the production of collagen and reduce the appearance of discoloration while visibly brightening the skin.  When a Vitamin C is paired with bakuchiol, this duo can improve skin tone and texture while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  When it comes to skincare, look for stabilized Vitamin C that is gentle on skin.  Specifically, you will find this version of Vitamin C listed as Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate.

Vitamin E has been a long-time darling to skincare products because of its well-known anti-inflammatory benefits. Vitamin E is naturally found in the sebum of your skin and is gentle on the skin. Vitamin E's super-hero effects help further stabilize Vitamin C to multiply the positive effects on the skin. Consider it a 1-2-3 punch when Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and bakuchiol are combined.

 Can I use vitamin E with a retinol alternative?


Fatty acids are essential when it comes to skin and skincare.  Essential fatty acids serve as the building blocks of the skin cells and help skin to retain its structural integrity. They also help reduce inflammation and can promote skin healing. If all of that sounds like a lot of science, to keep it simple-these fatty acids are what give your skin bounce and vitality.  Fatty acids are easily identified as omega 3, 6 and 9's and each are critical for optimal skin health.  Rich fatty acids like almond oil, avocado, jojoba oil, and olive oil all offer unique benefits for the skin.

The best bakuchiol products contain fatty acids to help hydrate the skin and protect the skin's lipid barrier 

Almond and avocado oils when combined with bakuchiol helps promote collagen production and improves skin elasticity while also protecting the skin's lipid barrier and helping active ingredients to penetrate the skin.

Jojoba oil naturally balances skin's oil production and helps to reduce the appearance of pore size while supporting improved elasticity on the skin.  Jojoba oil is also gentle and ideal for those with sensitive or acne prone skin.

Olive oil is a known compound when it comes to its overall health benefits.  When used topically, olive oil keeps skin hydrated, enhances absorption of antioxidants, and helps repair damage to the skin. It is high in polyphenols which help support the skin's ability to regenerate cells properly, which means healthier looking skin long term.   

When essential fatty acids are blended with bakuchiol, it leaves skin soft and hydrated.  Skin glows.



Let's talk about hydration.  When you think about glowing skin, what comes to mind?  For most of us, we think about even skin tone that was plump and vibrant. Hydration plays a critical role in the appearance of your skin for multiple reasons.

The first reason- light.

When skin is hydrated light bounces off our skin, giving it a glow (#glassskin).  When skin is dehydrated light pixelates and dilutes leaving skin appearing dull or lack luster.

The second reason-texture.

When skin is hydrated skin has elasticity and the appearance of fine lines is diminished.  The more elasticity your skin has the less you will see the appearance of wrinkling. Collagen is one of the main factors responsible for skin elasticity and as we gain birthdays, we produce less collagen and thus have less and less elasticity.  Proper exfoliation and hydration, help promote natural collagen production in turn promoting elasticity and giving you a more even skin texture.  In a full circle moment, when skin is hydrated and more elastic, skin texture is more even which reflects more light. 

Thus, opting for a bakuchiol product that contains high antioxidants AND is hydrating, you are bound to get the trifecta of goodness for your skin.  Gentle exfoliation, ideal hydration, antioxidant support, and age-defying impact.



When asking, "What can I pair with bakuchiol?" it is equally important to know what you can't pair with bakuchiol.  Let's start with the good news.   

The good news is that bakuchiol is generally considered safe for most skin types, even those with sensitive skin.  Bakuchiol is a great retinol alternative that plays nice with most ingredients which means there really isn't any not so good news when it comes to this ingredient.

Bakuchiol isn't known to have any adverse impacts with other skincare ingredients, however, we recommend skipping products with benzoyl peroxide while introducing bakuchiol to your skincare routine to avoid excess drying. It is also recommended to reduce topical exfoliation for the first few weeks of use, to avoid over-exfoliating the skin and disrupting the skin barrier.



In general, bakuchiol is well tolerated by most skin types which is why this buzzy ingredient is leading Google search queries as the best retinol alternative and making its way onto beauty influencers must-have skincare lists for 2023. We agree, it’s why we formulated our breakthrough, multi-tasking ADVANCED SUPER SERUM with bakuchiol, antioxidants, and fatty acids for the ultimate, age-defying serum for your skin.


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