3 Skincare Power Couples You Need In Your Routine Now!

3 Skincare Power Couples You Need In Your Routine Now!

When it comes to powerhouse ingredients in your skincare some ingredients are just better together!  Here are three duos destined to change your skincare results while reducing the steps and products in your routine.

The Power Couple: Vitamin E + C

When it comes to skincare, Vitamins E and C are the ultimate power couple for all skin types. 

Vitamin E, often found in your skincare as tocopherol acetate, is an antioxidant that helps support your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals that accelerate aging while also helping to hydrate the skin.  Vitamin C is a super-charged antioxidant that helps eliminate the appearance of redness, helps fade hyperpigmentation, and promotes natural collagen production leading to a brighter more even complexion. 

The challenge? Vitamin C has a very fast half-life, meaning the power and potency of this active formula fades quickly unless it is stabilized. When paired, Vitamin E helps stabilize and preserve the efficacy of Vitamin C. While Vitamin C helps reignite the powers of Vitamin E to ultimately reveal smoother, brighter, and skin that looks refreshed. Together is better for these two when it comes to your skincare routine.

If you need to add this power couple to your routine, check out the CORRECT ILLUMINATING SERUM formulated with Vitamin E and a Chirally correct form of Vitamin C, to dramatically reduce the appearance of discoloration and promote natural collagen production. It's also incredibly gentle.


The True Love Couple: Niacinamide + SPF

In short, Niacinamide is ideal for all skin types and can minimize the appearance of your pores, reduce inflammation, regulate oil production, and strengthen skin. Niacinamide has also been shown to reduce the risk of certain types of skin cancer, especially when paired with a non-nano mineral sunscreen.  Sound like too many steps? Not to worry, you can find true love in one bottle with the PROTECT DAILY DROPS, SPF 50 serum.  This 4-in1 product functions as your morning serum, moisturizer, SPF, and makeup primer in one with skin-loving antioxidants and niacinamide. Now that is true love indeed.💖


The “It” Couple:  Turmeric + Aloe Vera

Turmeric and aloe vera are the couple you can’t stop talking about when it comes to skincare.  Together, they are enchanting. Turmeric is well known for helping promote healing and reducing the appearance of discoloration of skin.  Aloe vera has over 200 active compounds such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals which help soothe skin while delivering powerful nutrients.  Paired together, this couple helps skin feel refreshed and restored while softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Now imagine what would happen if these two actives invited all their “A-list” friends to a party?  Well, you would have  NOURISH ACTIVATING SERUM!  This serum has 17 active ingredients curated in a custom elixir to smooth, soften, and deliver your healthiest skin yet! It really is no wonder you cannot stop talking about this couple.

Which one of these duos will you try?